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Top 10 Reasons for Regular Dental Care

They are an important part in preventing gum disease and reducing your risk of tooth loss and dental problems. Getting a regular professional clean will remove plaque, Davis Orthopeadics , tartar buildup and staining from your teeth. But did you know caring for your teeth and having a healthy mouth reduces your risk for:

1. Save money. 

Prevention is less expensive than cure. Regular daily care of your teeth and gums will prevent problems in the future and leave you with lower dental bills.

2. Fresh Breath. 

Your mouth will start to smell if you do not clean it regularly. You take the rubbish out regularly so it doesn’t start to stink, clean your mouth out at least twice a day.

3. Stay kissable. 

Who wants to kiss someone with food between their teeth or bad breath? Brushing and flossing is the cheapest and most effective way to remove food and bacteria and keep your breath smelling of roses.

4. Prevent gum disease. 

Gingivitis (inflammation of the gums and the first stage of gum disease) is caused by the plaque build-up around your teeth, leading to swollen gums and teeth that bleed when you brush them. Plaque is an accumulation of food and bacteria, which appears in everyone’s mouth and it needs to be cleaned off regularly to keep your mouth healthy.

5. Reduce your chance of a heart attack or stroke. 

Bacteria from your mouth can make its way into your bloodstream and increase you chance of a heart attack or stroke.

6. Prevent or minimise Diabetes. 

Any gum disease can make it harder to control your blood glucose. The relationship between serious gum disease and diabetes is two-way. Not only are people with diabetes more susceptible to serious gum disease, but serious gum disease may have the potential to affect blood glucose control and contribute to the progression of diabetes.

7. Have a healthy baby.

 Gum disease has been shown to increase the chance of premature birth and low birth weight. It can also be one of the many causes of delayed conception and impotence. So get your mouth and gums healthy first.

8. Prevent Dementia. 

Poor oral health increases your risk of developing dementia by a third.

9. Toothpaste on your brush is the best way to apply minerals and other desensitisers to your teeth.

10. Remove stains. 

There are mild abrasives in toothpaste that remove debris and surface stains and help to keep your teeth looking fresh, healthy and white.

Step-By-Step Teeth Cleaning Process

Routine dental checkups typically consist of teeth cleaning.

During teeth cleaning, the dentist aims to remove tarter, plaque, Family Dental Care of Mill Creek , and stains that have accumulated on the surface of the teeth. While daily brushing and flossing can significantly help to reduce tarter buildup, only a professional teeth cleaning session can maximize your oral hygiene health.

Most dentists recommend having your teeth professionally cleaned every six months.

During your teeth cleaning session, here is what you can expect to happen.


Scaling is often the first step in the teeth cleaning process. During scaling, your dentist will use a handheld tool to remove hard calculus from tooth surfaces. If the amount of calculus is minimal, a manual scaler will typically be used to remove deposits of tarter by simply scraping them off. For larger amounts of tarter, the dentist may use an ultrasonic scaler, which is an electronic scaler that removes larger pieces of tarter using a gentle vibration, coupled with a stream of water.


Tooth polishing consists of polishing the tooth surface with a prophy cup, a small, rubber motorized cup attached to an abrasive polishing compound. The main goal of polishing teeth is to make it more difficult for plaque to accumulate on the tooth surfaces, due to its new smooth texture. Polishing also gives the teeth a shiny, clean look, and can help remove any unsightly surface stains.


Once your teeth have been scaled and polished, your dentist may recommend a fluoride treatment. Fluoride is a mineral that helps to strengthen the enamel, or outermost layer of teeth, which is crucial in resisting acid attacks that contribute to tooth decay. During a fluoride treatment, the dentist will apply the fluoride solution, which is usually a gel, rinse, or varnish. To make the application of fluoride more pleasant, it comes in a wide range of flavors, such as mint, cherry, strawberry, and chocolate.

In the majority of cases, teeth cleaning sessions are fast and painless. Professional dental cleanings help to reinforce healthy oral health care routines at home, and provide the dentist with an opportunity to locate areas in the oral cavity that need special attention. Due to the painless nature of teeth cleaning, no anesthetics are needed, and the cleaning session is usually over in less than an hour. During your dental cleaning, educational advice may be given to ensure that you’re properly caring for your teeth at home.

Ten Signs You Have The Best Dentist

With so many dentists to choose from, how do you know you've chosen the right one? For starters, the best dentist is more focused on what to do rather than what not to do when working with a patient. If you're wondering whether or not yours is top of the line, consider these 10 things all good dentists do for their clients , Apple Blossom Dentistry  .

1. Actively Listens

A good dentist wants to help patients, but the best dentists hone their listening skills just as much as they hone their physical technique. A great doctor takes the time to listen to patients' concerns, and never rushes to levy a treatment with which someone may secretly feel uncomfortable.

2. Educates the Patient

Because you didn't go to dental school, you naturally rely on your dentist to educate you on oral health, medical issues, good habits and treatment options you aren't aware of. The dentist who is perfect for you is happy to take the time to explain your options and work with you to enhance your confidence – and your smile.

3. Respects Patient Time and Resources

Constantly left in the waiting room or paying for pricey treatments you can't afford? These are both red flags your dental practice doesn't respect the time or budget of their clientele. Good dentists are as punctual as you are, and take your bottom line into consideration when suggesting treatment. This includes swapping out costly, often subjective in-office whitening procedures for items like Colgate® Optic White™ Professional Take-Home Kit.

4. Keeps a Clean Office

The American Dental Association (ADA) suggests checking to ensure your dentist's office is "clean, neat and orderly." If you notice things like old gloves and dirty instruments not stowed away, your dentist could be contaminating the examination room, which spreads germs and can make you and your family sick.

5. Doesn't Upsell

You want a dentist – not a salesperson. Good dentists won't try to upsell you on products and treatments you don't absolutely need and that you didn't ask for prior to an examination.

6. Gets to Know You

Feeling like just another file on the shelf doesn't just give you an impersonal experience; it can actually affect the level and quality of care you receive. When your dentist takes the time to get to know you, he or she can provide better care options that work according to your medical history.

7. Wants a Long-Term Relationship

The best dentist is invested in making you a long-term patient, which means following up when it's time for an appointment, scheduling regular screenings or X-rays and making you and your family feel recognized when you're in the office. If your dentist treats your appointment like a one-time job, it might be time to look for someone else.

8. Cares about Staff

Not only do the best doctors care about patients, but they are kind and attentive to staff as well. It's worth observing the way your dentist interacts with coworkers, because it gives you an idea of his or her management style and the mood among the staff working with you.

9. Follows Up

Some dental procedures can be long and arduous, leaving you feeling out of sorts for a few hours afterward. A great dentist will follow up with you after a particularly long or difficult procedure, just to make sure you're feeling OK and that there are no complications hindering your recovery.

10. Values You as a Patient

You don't want to feel like just another item on your dentist's to-do list. The best dentists have a way of letting their patients know they care about them personally. They're interested in their patients' lives, concerns and families, and are eager to become a part of their general care team.

Choosing a dentist isn't a decision you take lightly. He or she should see you as a patient for life, not just once or twice. Teaming up with the best medical professionals means working with people who understand your concerns and know your history as a patient. The best dentist always gives you the care that you and your family deserve.

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How to Get More Snapchat Friends, According to a Digital Expert

Snapchat—in all it’s glory—is super addicting. - kik usernames From the amazing filters to the hilarious stories, there are so many things to love about the platform, but one thing remains a huge mystery: How the heck are you supposed to grow your following? Unlike Instagram, it’s kinda hard to drum up new friends on Snap. There are people who have hundreds of thousands of Snapchat friends—so we know it’s possible, but how do they pull it off?

There aren’t hashtags, retweets, or the ability to tag friends on Snapchat, so becoming “big” on the app can seem like a tall order.

To find out exactly how to lift your Snapchat game, we spoke with expert Gregory Littley. (He’s littleylittley on the app if you want to add him!) Greg is the director of strategy at digital marketing agency Iced Media, where he works with influencers and global Fortune 500 brands to elevate their digital presence—so you know this guy gets social media.

Here, Gregory’s four main tips for becoming Snapchat pro.

1. Test Snapchat before adding friends. (Read: Don’t make a fool of yourself.) Are you one of the few left who are still a Snapchat virgin? Whenever you’re entering into a new platform, it’s a good idea to test the waters before you start broadcasting to the world that you’re on it. Think back to your first Instagram photo, and make a pact not to recreate that amateur moment. Greg suggests after downloading Snapchat that you give yourself time to “play around, develop a style, and work out what you want to say” before adding tons of friends.

2. Use other platforms to tease your Snapchat activity Give a preview of some exciting thing you’re doing, and then ask your followers to head to Snapchat to see how the day unfolds. Perhaps you’re going overseas, or to a fun event. Either way, posting a teaser to your Instagram followers and caption to follow you on Snapchat for the rest of the details can be very successful in upping your Snapchat count.

This strategy has been incredibly useful for Snapchat influencers, with some Instagram stars now seeing a higher fan count on Snapchat than any other social network: “Influencers with a huge following on Snapchat like Josh Peck and Logan Paul are now using Snapchat to ask followers to also follow them Instagram, because they have so many more followers on Snapchat,” Greg explained.

3. Be creative in how you use Snapchat Like Instagram, Twitter, and basically every other social media platform, Snapchat is inherently personal, and the people who do well are creative and authentic. Greg suggests using Snapchat to capture the unique point of view you have on interesting parts of your daily routine. “The way you experience something is very different to how someone else experiences it,” he explained.

Popular Snapchat users post a combination of two things: Random, singular events, as well as a series of events throughout the day that create a kind of novel/story in their “my story” feature. Play around with both types of content, and use video and still photos to find your style.

4. Lots of friends on Snapchat can lead to lots of money Just like big bloggers get paid to feature product on their Instagram accounts, Snapchat influencers are getting hired by brands. “Creators are getting hired by companies and brands to illustrated and showcase their very specific style,” Greg said, listing companies like Walt Disney who are tapping influencers to leverage their brand storage on Snapchat.

What does “Satta Matka ” mean ?

Genarally what happened the official working in matka office leak some possible jodi that are decided by the managent. But this is not ensure that this is a single jodi. The satta matka guesser have to identify the most prefer jodi from this jodis. For that a lot of experience is required SATTA MATKA | SATTA KING | MATKA TIPS | FASTEST MATKA RESULTS generally use this fix game to give game to people. They have good contact there in satta matka office.

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Satta Matka Fix Jodi means, when we provide tips/ guessing for Satta Matka, you get your jodi fixed and win money.

The game of the Satta Matka Open basically began in the opening and closing charges of cotton which were dispatched from the New York Cotton Exchange. Then the real matka game began slowly in India and was first performed in the Bombay cotton market as the game got dispatched to Mumbai from the New York.

Satta matka is the easiest online Satta games. It is very simple to play. It is basically a lottery game in which you have to choose 3 different numbers between 0-9. After choosing the numbers they are added up to provide the final number. The last digit of the concluding sum is taken into the concern and then it is combined with those 3 numbers. For example: – YXY and last digit of the total of 3 numbers. You can gamble on the whole set or carry on as per the fixed way.

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Satta Kya Hota Hai, Kaise Khelte hai,


How to Win at Poker in 4 Steps

The best poker players in the world tread a calculated path to success, and work constantly to improve their game.

boya poker , Today we’ll discuss four steps you must take to follow their lead—steps toward becoming a winning player.

Doug Polk contributed to this article

How to Win at Poker

Step 1: Pick a game type and stick to it

Specialization is key to mastering any subject.
Consider these players who have made it to the top by specializing in one game type:

Phil Hellmuth: Focused on playing live MTTs; most WSOP bracelets of all-time; achieved long-term success despite playing an unconventional style.

Doug Polk: Focused exclusively on Heads-Up No Limit for a number of years; went from the micros to being regarded as the best high stakes HUNL player in the world.

OtB_RedBaron: Became the most feared player online by focusing on 6-max cash games; has been the most profitable player in that game type for a number of years.

Each of these players devoted time and effort to single game type over a long period of time. Sure, you may see them occasionally splashing around in different games, but it is important to remember that they earned the right to do so and that they never lost focus on their chosen format.

For the rest of us, playing games without a clear edge is something we simply can’t afford to do—we can’t afford to risk our bankroll, and we can’t afford to waste time on a game type we don’t intend to specialize in.

So, pick a game type and stick to it.
And don’t be afraid to move down in stakes and play your way up. Everyone who has found long-term success has made that journey.

(Note: Ready to take your poker game to the next level? Learn expert strategies from our world-class team of coaches when you join the Upswing Lab.
Learn more now!)

Step 2: Identify and isolate your problems Before you can solve a problem with your game you need to identify what it is, and an in-depth analysis will almost certainly reveal more than one.
In order to do an in-depth analysis of your game, you will need a good sized sample of your own hands to study.

You can start by putting in some hands online at any stakes with tracking software enabled (make sure your chosen site is compatible with tracking software).
After you’ve gathered a healthy sample, go through your database and identify spots where your win-rate is bad.

Study the situations you faced carefully, both pre- and post-flop. Find spots where you weren’t certain about what to do. Ask yourself questions like:

Should I have worked in a bluff, there?

Should I have folded?

Did I play that hand well despite the result?

When looking at your stats, is there an area that stands out as particularly bad? If so, look more closely at that area to find out what mistake(s) you are making, and why you’re making them.

Finally, be honest with yourself about why you might be losing. You’ll never move your poker career forward without the courage to face problems with your game.

Step 3: Improve your weaknesses

Once you’ve identified problems with your game it’s time to find ways to fix them. Here are some suggestions:

Get coaching Finding coaching is one of the best and most effective ways to improve. A competent coach will have seen the same problems in other players’ games, and will be able to show you the best ways solve them. Note that coaching can be very expensive, however, especially if it’s one-on-one from a well-known instructor.

Find a training site

Training sites are a great option, as they offer all sorts of resources to help you become a winning player—and usually at a price far cheaper than a one-on-one coach.

If you are a small- or mid-stakes player, one of the best resources out there is the Upswing Poker Lab. The Lab offers numerous hand charts for live, online, and tournament play, with pre-flop ranges included. Additionally, there are tons of videos and learning modules created by top players, covering specific formats.

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11 Weighted Blankets That Won’t Weigh Down Your Wallet

Mosaic Weighted Blanket

Mosaic weighted blanket for adults has by far the widest and most eclectic range of fabrics on the market (Day of the Dead or Emoji anyone?). I tried their 14-pound blanket in the more subdued Dove Grey Batik cotton fabric, which measures 42 by 72 inches and costs $195.

Our review: The thinnest, least bulky of the lot, it really hugs the body and molds to your anatomy more than the others do. With less fabric, the pellets seem to touch the body more directly, giving the feel of a firm hug. Once you’re under this blanket, it’s hard to get up again — you’re too warm and snug. One possible downside: You can easily feel the inner pellets when touching the blanket, and the pellets make a bit of a noise when you shift around, like the sound a bean bag makes when you sink into it. If you’re a light sleeper (and you probably are if you’re reading this article), this could be an issue for you (or your partner).

Gravity Blanket

Think of the Gravity Blanket as the celebrity of weighted blankets. The buzzed-about bedding raised nearly $5 million last year on Kickstarter (they raised $150k on the first day). I gave their 20-pound blanket a test run (they also have a 15- and 25-pound option). It comes in just one color — metallic gray — and costs $249 a pop.

Our review: Although the heaviest blanket that I tried, it didn’t feel that way — the weight is nicely spread out, thanks to the fabric’s grid-like pattern, which evenly distributes the poly-pellets throughout. And the soft microfiber plush fleece fabric — combined with the blanket’s thickness — is luxurious and soothing. You feel a bit like a forest creature burrowing underground for the winter when under the Gravity — a good thing.

The company claims the breathable material means you won’t get too hot while sleeping, but I did find it a little warm, and ended up kicking it off during the night. It feels ideal for colder weather, but maybe not so much during the summer months. That could also be down to the heavier weight — perhaps the 15-pound blanket is a better option, depending on your own height and body weight.

Bottom line — it’s minimalist in style, extra comforting, and expensive. If you’re someone who appreciates the finer things in life, then this is the blanket for you.


We Tried TK Weighted Blankets - Here's What We Thought_platinum

The Calmforter (get it?) comes in just one size — 12 pounds and measuring 60 by 80 inches. It’s the most practical of the bunch (and at a cost of $179, the most affordable, too). You’ve got a choice of just five standard colors — I tried the gray. One side is a silky-soft, minky fabric, while the other has rows of raised bumps, designed as a calming tool for people who like to fidget.

Our review: If you like the idea of sleeping under a mink coat (let’s be honest, who wouldn’t?), then this one’s for you. Like the Magic Blanket, it’s on the lighter side. The company suggests folding the blanket once over if you want it to be heavier. You’re meant to tie the inside insert to the cover to prevent the insides from bunching up, but our blanket seemed to be missing some ties, so the insert did separate at times from the cover. The blanket feels roomy, a plus if you move around a lot while sleeping. And those funny bumps that are meant to calm anxiety? They actually work!

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13 cose da sapere se vuoi fare le extension ai capelli

Sogni extension da star come quelle che aveva Miley Cyrus tempo fa?  Ecco 13 cose da sapere prima di fartele "montare". Dopo sarà troppo tardi!

1. Saranno molto difficili da pettinare. Perché hanno l'aria soffice, sembrano bellissime e uniformi come le chiome delle principesse Disney. Ma in realtà lì sotto si annidano ciuffi embeddati ad arte: vacci piano e sii molto delicata, non potrai strattonarle con pettine e spazzola come fai di solito coi capelli "normali". 

Per saperne di più

2. Saranno impossibili da districare. Puoi dire addio temporaneamente al liscio perfetto stile orientale. Preparati a un effetto gonfio e soft, da fatalona. È molto sexy;)
3. Dovrai utilizzare solo spazzole con setole morbide. Mica vorrai correre il rischio che identi possano strappare via le tue extension nuove di zecca, vero?
4. Quando li laverai non proverai quella sensazione di "setosità" dopo il balsamo. Eh sì, toccandoli ti sembrerà che ti sia passata una gallina in testa. Ma quando saranno asciutti vedrai che non passerai inosservata!
5. A un certo punto cominceranno a tirare e il tuo cuoio capelluto chiederà pietà. Quindi dovrai fartele smontare. Tranquilla, poi te le farai rimettere...
6. I tuoi capelli veri saranno indeboliti.Te lo dicono tutti quelli che vogliono farti cambiare idea. E allora tu vai subito a leggere il punto sette.
7. Prima di farle, studia un taglio medio-corto che ti vada a genio. Così ti porti già avanti per quando dovrai toglierle.
8. Indosserai i capelli di qualcun'altra. Se sei particolarmente sensibile potrebbe crearti qualche problema inconscio. L'alternativa, però, sono i capelli di origine vegetale. A te la scelta.
9. Dureranno uno o due mesi. Su col morale, nessun rimedio beauty dura in eterno! E poi, se scegli l'applicazione alla cheratina, dureranno un po' di più. Quindi avrai diverse settimane a disposizione per scegliere il tuo nuovo look corto per il post-extension...
10. Spenderai tanti soldi. È un trattamento costoso e, se sceglierai l'applicazione di extension di qualità con metodi innovativi, il prezzo salirà ulteriormente. Anche il mantenimento non sarà così indolore per il portafoglio. Ma il budget per la bellezza è sempre un ottimo investimento!
11. Potrai finalmente sfoggiare chiome da red carpet, ma alcune acconciature rimarranno un sogno: la coda alta ad esempio sarà pressochè un tabù. Beh, ti potrai sempre fare una stilosissima treccia morbida.
12. Dovrai usare uno shampoo neutro. Le extension vanno coccolate e trattate con cura. Non vorrai mica rischiare di rovinare le applicazioni, vero?
13. Ti potrai anche fare qualche ciocca blu, rosa, viola o verde. Sappi che comunque seguiranno la stessa sorte delle extension e potrai "perderle" per casa...

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The best and worst appliance repair services

When your washing machine breaks and dirty laundry piles up, you have to hope that the manufacturer or retailer quickly fixes the problem. 

But one glimpse at Consumer Reports’ user reviews tells you otherwise: “Poor customer service and unwillingness to fix what is not a minor problem, ge washer repair  , but a major defect, speaks volumes.

" "Customer service is horribly bad, no service at all." "Worst consumer service ever. I’m so done!” were some of the comments from our readers. 

So who has the best support and service when it comes to getting an appliance fixed? The worst?

The user reviews of any washer we’ve tested represent a tiny portion of the number sold. But when it’s your washing machine that’s broken, it’s a big deal.

It was for Lewis Fevola when his LG high-efficiency top-loader repeatedly took four hours to finish a load and he tried to get the washer fixed. Mr. Fevola ranted on Twitter and emailed LG’s CEO. Then he wrote to us. Result: Problem solved.
Appliances do break and terrific customer service is the solution. 

We surveyed subscribers about their experiences with more than 21,000 appliances. 

The appliances serviced were overwhelmingly ones that were bought by readers and not appliances that had been left behind by a previous owner. Washing machines and refrigerators accounted for about half of all those serviced. The survey was done in spring 2012 and subscribers told us about appliances serviced over a year or more before.

The iconic Maytag repairman retired Best and worst appliance repair services “Subscribers who called an independent repair shop expressed higher satisfaction with their experiences than those who called other types of repair services, such as the ones provided by manufacturers or retail chains,” says Karen Jaffe, a manager in Consumer Reports’ survey research.

That said, most manufacturers and retailers got average scores for actually solving the problem. Lowe’s, Sears, Kenmore, GE, and Samsung were among the better appliance services and got average scores for resolving issues. 

But LG was below average and Frigidaire, Maytag, and Whirlpool seemed to have even more trouble getting problems fixed.

Reaching a reliable appliance repair service is just one factor to consider when buying a new appliance. There's also the matter of brand reliability, something we take into account when making selections for our lists of recommended models. 

(You can find the reliability information on our Ratings charts.) Take washing machines, for example. LG front-loaders are less repair-prone than Frigidaire and GE but then the LG repair service left something to be desired. 

Of course, the most important thing to consider is performance. In our washing machine tests, our top-scoring front-loader is the Samsung WF56H9110CW, $1,600. Samsung is one of the least repair-prone front-loader brands and Samsung was middle of the pack in our appliance repair service survey. Our top-rated HE top-loader is the LG WT5680HVA, $1,200. 

We don't have reliablity data on LG top-loaders and LG was lackluster on the repair survey. 

So if you buy an LG washer and it breaks, consider calling your local repair shop first.

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Plastic molding manufacturing - Molding

Molding or moulding (see spelling differences) is the process of manufacturing by shaping liquid or pliable raw material using a rigid frame called a mold or matrix. Plastic molding manufacturing This itself may have been made using a pattern or model of the final object.

A mold or mould is a hollowed-out block that is filled with a liquid or pliable material such as plastic, glass, metal, or ceramic raw material.

The liquid hardens or sets inside the mold, adopting its shape. A mold is the counterpart to a cast. The very common bi-valve molding process uses two molds, one for each half of the object. Articulated moulds have multiple pieces that come together to form the complete mold, and then disassemble to release the finished casting; they are expensive, but necessary when the casting shape has complex overhangs.

better source needed Piece-molding uses a number of different molds, each creating a section of a complicated object. This is generally only used for larger and more valuable objects.
A manufacturer who makes molds is called a moldmaker. 

A release agent is typically used to make removal of the hardened/set substance from the mold easily.

Typical uses for molded plastics include molded furniture, molded household goods, molded cases, and structural materials
Many of the modern products that are a part of everyday life have gone unnoticed because they are commonly used until little thoughts are given to their existence.

Have a look around in your home , workplace and such and probably you will find many things are made from plastics from small toys to the automobiles. In short, plastic play a vital role in the modern world.

The first injection moulding was invented by John and Isaiah Hyatt in 1872. The earliest of injection moulding resembles a large hypodermic needles with heated cylinder on back which forces the heated gooey materials into the awaiting mould.

Nowadays, the technology have matured and allowed for different formulations and techniques for injection moulding. Injection moulding method are suitable if there is a large number of parts are to be produced. The only disadvantages are the initial start up costs especially the injection moulding machine as well as tooling for the mould.

Below are the advantages of using plastic injection moulding:

High volume of mass productions rate can be achieved Repeatibility of the injection moulded parts with high tolerances Minimal material loss as the runner can be regrind to be used as recycled materials Wide range of materials can be available for specific applications Labour costs can be saved as for most automated injection moulding with robotic pickup arms: 1 operator can operate 4 injection moulding
Therefore from this Handbook of Plasting Molding and Manufacturing, it is hope that you will gain an quick overview on the plastic moulding and manufacturings.

How Much Should a Website Cost You? A Definitive Pricing Guide For You

True, the visual appeal or attractiveness of the design can sometimes give it away, but it’s not always the case.

What if I tell you Website A is a custom made design that looks like it could potentially cost between $5,000 to $10,000, while Website B is a free template from

That’s crazy-talk!!
(Note: By the way, I don’t know how much Website A costs.Website Development Company Dubai  But it is not uncommon for a custom built website to fall in that cost range.)

Here’s the thing – It’s really hard to judge how much a website cost just by looking at the design.
Consider this — It is indisputable that the Lamborghini Spyder is one hot car. Even so, what most Lambo enthusiasts love about this car is not how it looks, but how it sounds – it is the roar of the v10 engine that takes the Spyder from 0 to 60mph in just 3.4 seconds.

Just like the $250,000 Lambo, Web Development Company in Dubai what makes up the cost of a website is not only how the website looks on the surface, but rather, what lies “under the hood” that makes a website work.

So, don’t judge a website by its cover — its design is only one slice of a much bigger pie.

After helping hundreds of businesses to create their websites, I’ve done and have seen a lot.

Having experimented with different website building software and tools, I’ve developed strong opinions about…

What’s worth your money and what’s not worth it.

What to focus on and what to toss out the window.

What matters and want doesn’t.

Whenever you are trying something new, having someone in your corner who has experience in the subject can really help.

This is why the value of designers or developers goes beyond just the surface design of the website.
Their experiences, technical skills, and broad product knowledge can help you…

Avoid hidden technical and financial pitfalls; and Choose the right solution for your budget level, technical level, and how much time you are prepared to commit. If you are looking for a pricing chart for everything that has to do with building a website, there are plenty of resources scattered all over the internet (I do have a couple of pricing frameworks below, which we’ll get to later).

But, for those of you that want to dive straight in, I have outlined a brief overview of how much you can expect to pay for a website below.

What I want to give you in this discussion, are advice and recommendations that I would give to paying clients – a sort of free consultation on the true cost of your website.
If you opt go down the route of hiring a website designer then a basic site will cost you around $6,750.

On the other hand, if you use a simple drag and drop website builder it will only cost you $5/month, providing that you only need a basic website.

Website builders also offer advanced functionalities (such as ecommerce) which would cost you from around $17/month.

And the best part is that you don’t need any technical or design skill to use DIY website builders. All the hard stuff is taken care of so it’s easy to get online.

5 Ways To Build A Website Without Writing A Single Line

Most people who build their own websites swear by WordPress, which can be relatively easy to use after you’ve become familiar with the general interface and different plugins that can be added to your site. But not everyone is technologically savvy, or has the time and energy to invest in learning how to use website-building tools like WordPress. If the setup, management, and maintenance of a WordPress website is still too much for you to handle, Dubai Website Design Company I have some better, easier solutions for you to try.

There are a lot of options out there, but here are my five favorite website builders. Many of them are free or very affordable, and they are all easy to use. They are designed for the non-tech person in mind, but someone who still wants to have a beautiful, professional-looking website to showcase their small business or portfolio. Web Designing Company Dubai I have used all of them over the years to build simple but effective websites for different purposes.

1. has always worked well for any website that I needed to build in record time. It is not terribly SEO-friendly, but it does the trick for anyone who is not trying to get their site on the first page of Google search results.
Pricing: Basic is free, Premium costs $20 a year (including hosting and extra features)

2. Carbonmade
Carbonmade has set templates you can use to create your online portfolio. The focus is clearly on visual presentation, and it is a great option for anyone who has a selection of art or photography they would like to display on the Web.
Pricing: Basic is free, Premium costs $12/month
Difficulty level: Easy
Best for: Designers, artists, creatives

3. Sidengo
Sidengo is taking the term “website builder” to the next level. The site’s beautiful interface, its ease of use, and a full host of extras makes Sidengo a great option for any budding Web designer.
Pricing: From free to $25/month, depending on the plan you choose
Difficulty level: Fairly easy
Best for: Anything!
ALLYOU lets you drag and drop your website into place. There are several templates available for you to choose from so you’ll be up and online in no time!
Pricing: Basic is free, then plans range from $8 to $15/month
Difficulty level: Easy to medium
Best for: Personal portfolios

5. Webflow
Webflow comes with an enormous amount of features: various design elements, customized layouts for different devices, and the ability to add forms and sliders. It is a very robust tool and there is no limit to what you can do.
Pricing: Plans range from $14 to $70 a month
Difficulty level: Medium
Best for: Any project, person, or business you’d like to feature
As you can see, there are many different ways to have a professional Web presence without having to learn code, or be particularly tech-savvy at all. Next time around, I’ll introduce you to some of my favorite mobile app builders.
Who said setting up an online presence for your business needs to be time-consuming, difficult, or expensive? Read my advice on how to set up your online business for less than $40 or how to create a professional profile in a day.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

what is a handmade

What is handmade?

We’re quick to blurt out the answer, but the truth is that defining the concept is getting a lot harder. It’s a bit like saying blue.Handmade There are a heck of a lot of shades of it!

When Etsy changed its definition of handmade last year, there was a lot of confusion. And backlash. The new policies meant that shops could hire others to help with high demand. (It’s not easy to churn out handmade goods all alone.) Before the change, Etsy sellers had to make their ‘handmade’ goodies themselves.

handmade jewelry And since Etsy got so popular before they changed their policy, maybe that’s why so many of us think handmade means something made by one person, from start to finish.

Yet we can’t forget the community so many crafts thrive upon. I’m thrown back to childhood memories of quilting events at country fairs, where a dozen women stitched together on the same jumbo quilt. Those quilts are handmade, too.

Should the handiwork of these people be devalued because of the factory setting? They’re screen-printing, stuffing, and stitching the same way anyone would do at home.

And the complications to defining handmade don’t end there, either. On Etsy photography, prints, laser cut items, and other goods have been defined as ‘handmade’.

With the biggest handmade goods marketplace saying so, it’s easy to get used to the thought.
Is a sketch done on a tablet any less handmade than one on a canvas?
Where does photography actually fit in?
What about web design and typography?
Does a craft kit make the handmade item less meaningful?

The truth is, handmade is what we make it.

To me, handmade gets its value from being a labour of love and design.
I love buying handmade items from indie designers who make their own goods.

That love continues when a brand grows and has to hire some help.

If you ask me, that’s even better. It means more people are working to create something fun and wonderful.

To me, cameras and even mouse cursors are just tools, just like knitting needles and pottery knives. The tool doesn’t do the work for you. Someone uses that tool to create something.

It still takes skill and time.
The capabilities of our tools are growing. Our definition of handmade has to grow, too.

GUT ABGESICHERT BEI KRANKHEIT , Krankenzusatzversicherung

Im Krankheitsfall möchte jeder gut versorgt sein, vor allem im Alter. Deshalb schließen viele Menschen neben der gesetzlich vorgeschriebenen Krankenversicherung Zusatzpolicen ab. 

Diese sollen im Ernstfall die Leistungen ihrer Krankenversicherung ergänzen. Wie groß der Bedarf an zusätzlicher Sicherheit ist, zeigen 25 Millionen abgeschlossene Verträge (Stand: Mai 2017). Vor allem für gesetzlich Versicherte sind Krankenzusatzversicherungen ein Thema, denn die Leistungen der gesetzlichen Krankenkassen sind laut Sozialgesetzbuch auf das Notwendige beschränkt. 

Wer mehr als die Standard-Behandlung haben möchte, muss die Kosten dafür selber tragen.

 Privatversicherte sollte viele Leistungen mit einem guten Tarif in der PKV abgedeckt haben, wie etwa die der Zahnzusatz- oder Krankenhauszusatzversicherung.

 Es gibt allerdings auch Tarife der privaten Vollversicherung, die hier Lücken aufweisen. Bei der Wahl einer Zusatzversicherung geht es nicht nur um den richtigen Tarif. 

Vorher steht die Frage, ob der Schutz überhaupt nötig ist. 

Denn nicht jede Versicherung ist sinnvoll. Über diese Versicherungen sollten Sie nachdenken Krankentagegeld Das Krankentagegeld fängt den Einkommensausfall durch eine Krankheit auf. Gesetzlich Versicherte können mit diesen Zahlungen ihr Krankengeld aufstocken. 

Vor allem für Selbständige und bei höheren Einkommen ist das wichtig, da das Krankengeld der gesetzlichen Versicherung netto maximal 2722 Euro beträgt – sofern Sie es überhaupt erhalten (Stand: 2018).

 Eine Krankentagegeldversicherung schließt die Lücke bei den monatlichen Ausgaben. Auslandsreisekrankenversicherung Eine Auslandsreisekrankenversicherung ist sehr sinnvoll, auch bei Reisen innerhalb der Europäischen Union. Sie bezahlt Behandlungen und medizinisch notwendige Rücktransporte. 

Die gesetzliche Krankenversicherung übernimmt solche Kosten im Ausland – je nach Reiseland – nur teilweise oder gar nicht. Auch privat Versicherte sollten prüfen, ob sie eine Auslandsreisekrankenversicherung benötigen. Wer längere Zeit im Ausland verbringt, braucht eine spezielle Reiseversicherung.

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먹튀 - 방송 스타일과 성격

특유의 우스꽝스러운 말재간과, 리액션, 상황전개능력, 장기간의 방송경험과 수상경험으로 피드백이 철저히 이루어진 BJ이다. 방송 분위기가 처지지 않도록 도움을 주는 빠른 방송진행속도를 추구한다. 인터넷방송의 특성상 편집따위가 없기 때문에 매끄러운 진행보다는 시청자들이 보고싶어하는 장면을 빠르게 보여주는것. 별도의 준비 없이도 수만 명의 시청자를 끌어 모을 만큼 연출이 완벽하며 출연자나 게스트의 감정을 이용해 시청자들의 호응을 이끌어내는 고난이도 기믹을 펼치기도 한다. 주변 BJ들이 "방송만 켜지면 사람이 변한다" 라고 할 정도로 시청자의 반응을 무서울만큼 빠르게 인지하여 극적인 상황으로 연결할 수 있는 BJ다. 시청자의 호응을 더 얻기 위해서 연기를 펼치거나 주작능력 또한 타의 추종을 불허한다. BJ로서 갖춰야 할 순발력과 상황대응능력을 갖추었다는 평. 현재 몇 차례의 방송정지를 당했음에도 불구하고 아프리카를 장악하고 있다. 사회적 물의를 일으킬만한 리액션으로 방송정지를 당해 세간의 평은 좋지 않다. 또한 수위가 낮아진 다음부턴 주작방송에 대해 불편한(?) 여러 시청자가 유입되었고, 사람이 많으면 여러 목소리가 나오듯 항상 방송 이후 분쟁이 일어나기도 한다.

먹튀 - 방송 스타일과 성격
먹튀 - 방송 스타일과 성격

2002년 박찬호가 텍사스 레인저스와 거액의 장기계약 뒤 연봉에 비해 기대한 성적을 올려주지 못하자 비꼬는 의미로 널리 사용되기 시작했다. 속어로 시작되었지만, 이제는 뉴스에서도 볼 수 있을 만큼 일반적인 어휘로 자리잡았다.

'먹튀'라는 단어가 언론에 처음 등장한 것은 1996년 10월 13일 동아일보의 한 기사며# 그 이전에 먹튀라는 용어를 탄생하게 한 인물은 LG 트윈스의 투수였던 이정길이다. 자세한 내용은 해당 문서 참고.

합방 등을 할 때 자신의 기대에 부응하지 못하고 노잼방송을 만들고 있는 다른 남자 BJ에게 짜증을 낼 때도 있다. 결혼하고 나서는 아내 외질탓을 자주 한다. (흔히 욕받이를 세운다고 한다. 공중파 꽁트 프로를 보면 연기자 중 개그를 치는 사람과 이를 받쳐주는 사람이 있는데 받쳐주는 사람을 인터넷방송에서 그리 부르는것.)그러나 어디까지가 진실인지 어디까지가 컨셉인지는 시청자가 절대 알 수 없기에 성급한 판단은 금물이다.

이전에도 점점 진행되었지만 2017년부터는 아프리카티비 내 전체적으로 수위 제한이 매우 강해졌다. 특히 인터넷방송의 선정성을 지적하는 사회 여론이 수면위로 떠올랐으며 국회에서도 논의될만큼 주목받는 사안이 되었다. 과격하고 논란이 될만한 강한 발언&애드립을 주로 하던 그간의 철구 스타일에 큰 타격을 줄 수 밖에 없었으며 많은 비제이들의 방송문화와 트렌드도 예전의 과격성이 거의 사라져 철구도 이에 맞춰나갈수 밖에 없는 상황(즉 함부로 처신 할 수 없는 상황)이 되었다.

2016-17년 쯤 부터 철구에게서 선정적 발언과 애드립은 찾아보기 어려우며 특히 2017년 부터는 함께 방송을 진행하는 다른 비제이들과 역할분담을 통해 역량 부족을 메우는 모습을 자주 보인다. 예를들어 진행의 용느, 애드립의 염보성이 있다. 그러나 예전이나 지금이나 철구의 순간 판단력과 토크 분위기를 끌고가는 능력은 남아있다.

그와 동시의 철구의 본연의 능력은 솔방에서 발휘 된다고 볼 수 있다.
원래 솔방으로 방송을 시작했고, 오랫동안 독고다이 였던 만큼 타 BJ와 합방에서 보다 솔방에서 철구 본연의 텐션이 더 잘 나오고, 시청자들도 그런 텐션을 더 선호하는 편이다. 그래서인지 타 BJ와는 아주 차별화 되는 점이 보인다. 원래 인터넷 방송 특성상 솔방 보다 합방이 더 시청자가 많이 나오는 것은 상식적인 부분이다. 그런데 철구는 이런 상식과는 반대 되는 것이 솔방이 합방보다 더 시청자가 잘 나온다. 2018년 현재 아프리카 전체 동접 시청자 수가 예전에 비해서 낮아진 상황에서 솔방만으로 하루에 기본 3만, 스토리텔링 잘 되면 4~6만 까지 나올 수 있는건 아직까지도 철구가 유일하다.